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Post  aaa on Wed Apr 21, 2010 11:25 pm

Okay, I just have to say... I will be returning now!
I am leader of -RT- once again!
00E you did an excellent job leading -RT-, now I know that you are responsible and that you can do it again if needed.
I give you a round of applause and so should everyone else for your efforts, the only thing is, for the next time you have to do this make sure you give players instant gratification about practices, send them PM's to keep them aware of things.
Other than that you did very well, I am glad that I picked you!

Again, I am sorry for my absence but it is all good now.
00E your experience will be boosted on the -RT- charts, your rank will now be a general.

00E is an example of what a good army member is, look at him guys... I want all of -RT- members to give him a round of applause and follow in his and my footsteps.


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